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Answers To Frequently Asked Questions (All times are Eastern)
We have provided answers below to the most Commonly Asked Questions.

For Information About Our Products or Policies, Please Read Our Terms Page Or Email Sales
Logging In and Accounts
  1. NEW!! You may now Log In to the site with either your previous USERNAME or EMAIL Address.
  2. I Thought I Remembered My Login and Password, But It Doesn't Work! YOU MAY RE-APPLY FOR A NEW ACCOUNT and we'll get you shopping as soon as possible. This will have no effect on your past buying history with our company as that information is in a different secured system.
  3. It Says My Email Is Not Found? If your email is not found it just means you are free to use that email to begin a new account. Please Start A New Account! Many of your stores around the country have the same name. So to differentiate accounts, there can only be one of each email and username in the database.
  4. But I Just Got Your Latest Email Blast? Doesn't that mean I have an Account? No it doesn't. Receiving our Email Announcements just means that over the years you or someone at your company had an account or bought products from Honey and Me and have not asked to be removed. It is a separate list. You are more than welcome to start a new account if you qualify!
  5. Why Can't I See Prices On The Products? Your Account May Not Yet Be Approved.
  6. When Will My New Account Be Approved? If you apply during normal business hours on Monday-Friday and your info checks out, you should get approved within 60 minutes. You will receive an email notification of your approval. If your approval email bounces back to us we will not be able to activate your account.
    If you applied after 5pm Monday-Friday or Weekends your account may not be approved until the next business day.
  7. I filled out the application and I still can't see the prices? You must Log In at the top of the storefront page. If you have successfully logged in you will see a bright green bar across the top of the center column with the words "Log In Successful". If you don't see this message, you're not logged in. The store appears relatively the same regardless of login status. The prices won't show until you navigate to at least the category level or choose an individual product page.
  8. My Password Reset Didn't Work! TRY TO UNCHECK THE 'REMEMBER ME BOX' WHEN ENTERING YOUR NEW PASSWORD AND BE SURE IT REMAINS UNCHECKED UNTIL YOU HAVE BEEN ABLE TO ACCESS THE SITE WITH THE NEW PASSWORD. If you know how to delete your saved browser cookies it can make the process easier. NEVER ASK THE SITE FOR A SECOND PASSWORD RESET until your first request has allowed you to gain access to the site!
  9. The Site says I'm Locked Out! Please go to our Secure Contact Page and send an email to the webmaster. Please enter "I'm Locked Out" in the subject for the quickest action.
  10. NEW SHOPPING CART!! Due to our latest upgrade, YOUR SHOPPING CART WILL HOLD YOUR SELECTIONS FOR UP TO 6 MONTHS. If you don't have time to finish your order it will be there when you return. The cart will be automatically saved for you. Placing an item in your cart DOES NOT RESERVE A COPY OF THAT PRODUCT FOR YOU. If an item becomes unavailable before you return to check out, it will be removed from the cart and you will be notified on your next login. The prices of items in your saved cart are subject to change and will always reflect the CURRENT PRICE of the item at the time you actually check out. This feature should greatly enhance the shopping experience for those of you in rural areas who have to use slow and intermittent internet connections. If your signal drops out, or your computer crashes, your cart should remain intact when you finally get a chance to come back. If it doesn't please contact the webmaster who may be able to help retrieve it.
Placing An Order
  1. When Should I Order? Please Keep In Mind that Honey and Me, Inc. is a Wholesale Company. Our Ordering and Shipping process is designed to serve Retail Stores. Our products our available on a limited and seasonal basis.
  2. When Are The Products Available To Ship? Our products are not ALL available to ship at ALL times. Each products displays the Estimated Available Date in the upper right corner of the individual product detail headline next to the name. This date represents the intended estimated shipping date. Some manufacturing and delivery issues may cause this date to vary slightly from the time you placed your order, but we try our very best to meet those dates whenever possible. Once the products are actually in our warehouse facility that designation will change to In-Stock.
  3. How Can I Be Sure To Get What I Want? To have orders delivered as expected, avoid back orders and keep shipping costs down, Unless your are ordering very early, Try Not To Mix Products With Different Available Dates In The Same Order. Instead make several different orders based on similar seasonal ship dates or In-Stock Products. Of course you can add In-Stock items to any order, but you should designate in the Order Notes whether you would like the In-Stock products to ship immediately, or wait for the later arriving items and ship the entire order at one time.
  4. When Will I Be Charged For The Order? Your payment card will be captured at the time of your order, however, it will not be charged until the order is ready to be processed and shipped. Please assure that you have room on your card at that time. If your card is denied for any reason, your shipment has to be moved to the next shipping batch.